Welcome to Tahfiz

Starting in 1992 Tahfizul Quranil Karim has been running as a separate program under the faculty of Religious Sciences of Darul Ihsan University and Darul Ihsan Trust at Savar Campus. Tahfiz’s main objective is to prepare the students as complete human beings by giving them the facility to memorize and understand the Holy Quran. Here, the students have the facility to complete hifz in six years alongside other general studies.

Besides that, they can pursue other branches of knowledge in general subjects such as English, Bangla, Mathematics, etc. at Ibtedai, Dakhil, Alim and Fazil levels. After passing Alim examination they become eligible for getting themselves admitted to respective branch of any University as per their ability. So far 150 students have obtained certificates or degrees and 700 students are currently studying and now the number of teachers is 65. Alhamdulillah, many of our ex-students are currently studying in various famous universities in Bangladesh (including DU, KU, BUET, RUET, Medical College) and abroad.